Future Workshop – Companies of the Future

What do common images and possible solutions for workplaces, structures and cultures of the future look like?

The educational offer

What's it about?

Social and technological change is omnipresent in our world. We want to be prepared for future challenges in all areas, whether education, communication, business or production, and actively help shape processes.

As part of the “Thinking & Shaping the Future – Futures Literacy” field of competence, we offer you two educational programs that support you in developing your own ideas about the future and with which we work out concrete possible solutions for you. In this field of competence, we currently offer the educational program “Future Workshop: Companies of the Future. The second training program in this area of expertise is currently being planned.


Future workshop: Company of the future

The Future Workshop as a method offers you the opportunity for dialog with a wide variety of participants, e.g. from the different hierarchical levels of a company, with whom you can jointly develop images of the future. The format is designed to formulate not only common visions of the future, but also concrete first steps in three phases and to strengthen your own futures literacy.

The phases of the Future Workshop:

  • Arriving and finding your way into the topic
  • Let off steam: What bothers us about the present?
  • Drawing utopias: What if everything is possible?
  • Getting down to work: How do we start tomorrow?


Why you should participate

  • Dialogue-oriented future workshop: Talking to each other instead of about each other
  • Development of solutions for future-relevant questions of many companies
  • Strengthening your own futures literacy: Learn to deal with future issues in a targeted manner
  • Social creativity: The Future Workshop relies on the creative potential and perspectives of the participants. What’s more, it’s a lot of fun
  • Together in one boat: Cross-company dialog and the notorious looking beyond one’s own nose


Goal & Target Group

We are a central future location in Berlin and thus a focal point for the establishment of future discourses. Our educational offers in the area of “Thinking & Shaping the Future” provide you with the opportunity to discover and learn future-oriented ways of thinking, to work out concrete options for action and to strengthen your own future competence (Futures Literacy).

The offer is aimed at our member companies, interested citizens from the region, employees, personnel managers or executives of a company.

This is how you can book our educational offer

Our educational offer can be booked easily via Eventbrite. Participation is free of charge.



Bildungsangebot „Zukunftswerkstatt – Unternehmen der Zukunft“

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Further dates are in planning – one full-day future workshop (in presence) is planned per quarter.




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Our WvSC educational offers would not be possible without enthusiastic people who create the workshops for you with a lot of heart and humor.

May we introduce: our great impulse givers and workshop givers.

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