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Unboxing Technikethik

Our educational offering Unboxing Technikethik raises awareness of the interaction between people and technology.

The educational offer

What is it about?

Our  „Unboxing Technikethik“ series looks at current trends and innovations at the interface between people and technology. What should I know, what should I be able to do in order to act confidently and responsibly?


The educational offering „Unboxing Technikethik“ is a helpful tool to understand current developments and headlines in the field of human-technology interaction and to find new and further answers through impulses.


This year, we are offering a quarterly Unboxing Technikethik-event on the most current topics and trends.


Goal & Target Group

Our educational offer Unboxing Technikethik raises awareness for the interaction between people and technology. Whether developers, technology users or interested citizens – let’s all get together and talk; afterwards we’ll all be smarter.


How to book our educational offer

This year’s Unboxing Technikethik-series consists of four individual events. These can be booked quite easily via Eventbrite. Participation is free of charge.


Topic overview 2024

“Bioprinting – Throw yourself away, print yourself anew.”

A new form of self-optimization thanks to 3D printing and bio-ink? Officially, this is called “regenerative medicine”: organs and tissue are replaced or stimulated to heal themselves. This future may be closer than we think.



Topic overview 2023

“AI and Creativity – Impulse, Talk, Workshop”, 02.03.2023

The end of art, of creativity? We look at the positions of the individual, the AI creators and society. What is it about the new AI that has shaken IT companies and the creative scene worldwide in recent weeks? Hype, utopia, dystopia?


“Energy ethics – it’s not the heat pump that saves you!”, 22.06.2023

Waive or hope for technology? Save the climate or defiantly continue to consume? We get to the bottom of the zeitgeist and our psychological thinking confusions again. We show the challenges for people, companies and politics and find a common, responsible standpoint on our approach to energy.



Information accountability – we’re lying to you, get involved!, Sept. 28, 2023

Information is the fuel for reach, sales and power. We’re stuck in the media jungle, feverishly trying not to miss a thing or be shortchanged.

We read a headline halfway through and think we have the topic all figured out. The algorithms and generative AI feed us, and meanwhile the fourth estate in the state – as the press and broadcasting used to be called – has to earn its money through clickbaits.

Dystopia again? No. Don’t worry. Of course we have the solution ready:

Taking responsibility. Easy, actually. This time, we’re working on a first aid kit* for our personal media competence as well as our demands for companies, politics and society.

*Contents in our first aid kit:

🔸Critical thinking

🔸Methodological competence

🔸Communication competence

Who we are

Impulse generator

Our WvSC educational offers would not be possible without enthusiastic people who create the workshops for you with a lot of heart and humour.

May we introduce: our great impulse givers and workshop provider.

Voices of the participants


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