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Expert for additive manufacturing with a focus on design, processes and materials (XpertAM)

Our education offer XpertAM offers you a quick introduction to additive manufacturing – online and offline.

The educational offer

What is it about?

Our training programme “Expert:in for Additive Manufacturing with a focus on Design, Processes and Materials (XpertAM)” is currently under construction and is intended to provide you with a quick introduction to the topic of additive manufacturing at a practical, basic level in the future.


Goal & Target Group

The aim of the training is to build up competence as an expert in additive manufacturing for various professional groups that are part of the value chain of urban production.

For this purpose, we are conducting a needs assessment as part of the project, which we will use to develop our content to meet the needs of the various target groups.


The Process

Over the two-year duration of the project, we will develop and design an in-service training programme to become an expert in additive manufacturing with a focus on design, processes and materials.

The programme is designed as a hybrid format and closely integrates theory and practice. The continuing education programme is divided into different modules.

The unique selling point is an innovative, interactive VR and AR learning system with a virtual learning campus, so that learners can experience and acquire the theoretical knowledge in the various modules of the continuing education programme independent of time and place.

In addition, combined practical modules are offered, which include both the independent generation of 3D models for additive manufacturing and the production of components on selected machines at the practical partners. These modules take place in presence and deepen the theoretical knowledge.




Overview of the training sessions

The educational offer will be offered for the first time in a pilot phase, probably starting in 02/2025.



The project is funded by the Senate Department for Economic Affairs, Energy and Enterprises as part of the implementation of the Masterplan Industriestadt Berlin 2022 – 2026.

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