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Invitation Unboxing Technikethik: Information Responsibility

Join us!

Information accountability – we’re lying to you, get involved!, Sept. 28, 2023


Information is the fuel for reach, sales and power. We’re stuck in the media jungle, feverishly trying not to miss a thing or be shortchanged.


We read a headline halfway through and think we have the topic all figured out. The algorithms and generative AI feed us, and meanwhile the fourth estate in the state – as the press and broadcasting used to be called – has to earn its money through clickbaits.


Dystopia again? No. Don’t worry. Of course we have the solution ready:


Taking responsibility. Easy, actually. This time, we’re working on a first aid kit* for our personal media competence as well as our demands for companies, politics and society.


*Contents in our first aid kit:

🔸Critical thinking

🔸Methodological competence

🔸Communication competence



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