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Recap Unboxing Technikethik #2: Energy Ethics

Unser Fazit.

Do without or hope for technology 🔌? Save the climate 🌎 or defiantly continue to consume?


We took a closer look at this in our educational offering Unboxing Technikethik under the topic “Energy ethics – It’s not the heat pump that will save you!” and discussed two possible theses:


❤️ Heart Thesis: The energy crisis is a spiritual crisis. We consume so much because we don’t know what we need.

🧠 Head thesis: The energy crisis is an intellectual crisis. Many react defensively, defiantly, childishly. Doing without hurts, no longer keeping up also.


Our common conclusion: “Man is an energy parasite”. That’s why we need competencies and new values in dealing with energy. It needs the interplay of heart, head and technology to master the energy transition – because it is both a spiritual and an intellectual crisis of our society.


Many thanks to the participants for the inspiring thoughts and to our workshop hosts for the exciting impulses.


We will continue in autumn – save the date: 28.09.2023 from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm.


#technikethik #wvscBildung

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