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Future Workshop: Generations in Dialog


My workplace, your workplace – futures of shared work

Shaping the future together

What does it actually look like – the workplace that makes both baby boomers and GenZ get up joyfully in the morning? We invite trainees, HR managers, executives and young professionals to a joint future workshop. Together, we will develop cross-generational desirable futures for our own workplaces and provide concrete solutions for direct application in practice.

Boomers, Gen Y, Gen Z and soon Gen Alpha – you can read a lot about generational conflicts in the workplace. The fact is that expectations, desires and lifestyles of different generations come together in the workplace. It is important to do justice to these – especially in view of the shortage of skilled workers, dealing with this topic is more relevant than ever before!

We want to develop cross-generational solutions and answer the question of what a good workplace can look like – for young and old! In our future workshop, we will jointly reveal points of conflict, imagine desirable futures and develop very concrete solutions for your everyday working life.

Why participate?

  • Intergenerational dialogue
  • Creation of solutions
  • Dealing with future issues
  • Use of social creativity
  • Together in one boat
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