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Future workshop – the future of work in manufacturing

What is it about?

15 people – 2 locations – one mission: to find answers to the question of what the future of work in manufacturing might look like.

We embarked on this mission together yesterday in our hybrid future workshop “Future of Work in Manufacturing” at the Berlin and Emden sites. The future of work in manufacturing was discussed and criticized together, utopian ideas were conceived, painted and built with pegs.

There are several construction sites that need to be worked on. Right up front:

  • Breaking through long-established structures, changing the role of management, and adapting or supplementing existing KPIs in terms of meaningful metrics that allow room for change and transformation.
  • The creation of a unifying purpose or “big picture” in which employees feel valued, seen and heard and part of a team – a “we”
  • A change in attitude towards employees: Creating space for personal responsibility and co-determination, trust in the collective and the individuals.

But how do we achieve this?

One thing crystallizes in the joint reflections and tinkering with ideas: it takes courage and determination to dare and tackle new things and to create spaces for experimentation.

We would like to thank all participants for the open words, joint discussions, fantastic food for thought and concrete ideas for realization that emerged.

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