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Present meets future #2

What is it about?

06/28/2022 – “Kiez premiere” for our educational offering Present Meets Future. We had the pleasure of welcoming the 11th grade students of the Carl-Friedrich-von-Siemens-Gymnasium in Siemensstadt to our joint Technology and Future Day at the WvSC.

The students have
👾 Learned valuable basics about 3D printing and created their own 3D model.
🥽 Tried out augmented reality and virtual reality live and critically examined the social relevance of these technologies and the metaverse
🔮 Using the familiar bricks from their childhood, they took a look into the future together and built their own personal working world of the future.

A big thank you to the interested and open-minded students:inside of the CFvS high school and our WvSC education team for creating the educational experience.

What a beautiful day! 🌞

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