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Technology on time: New professorship for mathematical modeling of industrial life cycles

The Technical University of Berlin and the Werner-von-Siemens Centre for Industry and Science have issued a joint press release on the establishment of a new professorship for the mathematical modeling of industrial life cycles.


Headed by Professor Dr. Hanno Gottschalk, the professorship will be established at the Faculty II – Mathematics and Natural Sciences of the TU Berlin. Professor This professorship oversees the technology field “Digitization” in the WvSC and aims to find innovative solutions to technical challenges, as well as to promote collaboration between science and industry.


Two further professorships with a focus on additive manufacturing are to be filled in the near future. The new professorships form the scientific foundation of the WvSC, which aims to better dovetail research and value creation.


In this context, Professor Gottschalk also emphasizes the need to consider political and ethical aspects in the application of technology, especially in the field of artificial intelligence.


Funding is provided by the state of Berlin and subsidies from the German government.

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