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Technology ethics magazine published


After a lot of work, weight training for the brain cells and endurance training for creativity, it is with great pleasure (and honestly also a bit of pride) that we are able to publish our technology ethics magazine.


40 pages packed with profound knowledge and highly exciting aspects of technology ethics from our educational offering.


Boring and abstract? Absolutely not!

Profound? Yes! РAnd all packed with the necessary portion of lightness. Thanks to our two authors Nina Rossow and Steffen H̦llein.


You want to know what…


  • programmed prejudices in AI & robotics are? And maybe even how we can deal with them?
  • what ADM (Algorithmic Decision-Making), e.g. in justice & jurisprudence, is all about and who could be liable for such machine-made decisions?

…or you want to deal with even more exciting and highly relevant questions and thought processes?


Then just take a look directly at our technology ethics magazine: Technology Ethics Magazine (Available only in German)


We often don’t know the final answers either – but let’s get talking, for example at our next Unboxing Technikethik event on 28.09.2023. We’ll all be smarter afterwards.



#wvscBildung #technikethik

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