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Unboxing Technology Ethics #1: AI & Creativity


Impulses, Talk, Workshop

First event of our new format

Join in, come along: AI and Creativity – Impulse, Talk, Workshop.

When. Thursday, 02.03.2023, 17:00 – 18:30 hrs.
Where. Online, MS Teams


Join our casual roundtable on edgy topics. Solve topical questions and tasks, earn points on the cantometer, and create the pentalemma of the evening with us.

You have no idea? You are a full professional? It doesn’t matter. Let’s get talking – we’ll all be smarter afterwards. The goal at the end of the evening: you, me and we feel informed, safe, free and confident – if you think that’s too lofty, think about the reality we live in or just sign up.

Our new series, “Unboxing Tech Ethics,” looks at current trends and innovations. What should I know, what should I be able to do to be smart and responsible?

With you, you and:
Nina Rossow, Steffen Höllein, Pia Diekmann, Hannes Hölzl, Nadine Strehlke

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