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Welcome Mercedes Benz AG!

New member in WvSC

We welcome Mercedes Benz AG as a new member of the WvSC.
During the ceremonial opening of the Mercedes Benz Digital Factory Campus at the Berlin-Marienfelde plant, Mercedes Benz AG’s entry into the WvSC was also announced.
Building on the collaboration in the BioFusion 4.0 research project, further joint projects are being planned that will strengthen the cooperation between science and industry at the Berlin site and beyond.
Cooperation in research projects with close links to operational practice can increase the speed of innovation and facilitate the transfer of research ideas to industry.
Mercedes Benz AG is active in all of the WvSC’s innovation clusters (production technology change, energy change, mobility change) as well as all technology fields, so there are numerous opportunities for collaboration with our existing members.
We look forward to further collaboration with the Mercedes Benz AG team.

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