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WvSC visits the German Bundestag

For the challenges of our time, Europe, Germany and Berlin have set political priorities for action that can only be realized through joint efforts and initiatives of politics, society, science and industry.


The WvSC enables new forms of collaboration by working together on transformative research to strengthen the ability of German companies to adapt, change and upskill through social and technological innovation.


With its focus on Industrial Transformation with the innovation clusters Production Technology -, Mobility – and Energy Transformation, the WvSC creates industrial solutions with its members and network partners that feed into the political and social goals of the state and federal government.


The goal is to secure the WvSC in the long term as an innovative location for the metropolitan region of Berlin/Brandenburg and to expand its network so that forward-looking research and technology can emerge sustainably and companies – SMEs, startups, as well as universities and colleges of the entire region – can benefit from it in the long term.


Together with our member Gestalt Robotics, we had the opportunity to visit the German Bundestag to discuss the successes and future plans with Mr. Friedhelm Boginski as a member of the German Bundestag and Mr. Martin Hoeck and we are looking forward to further dialog.

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