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5G Autonome Logistik

5G Campus Network and Autonomous Transport Logistics


Our project

At one glance

Project start: March 2021
Duration: 10 months
Funded with: 348.800 €
Number of partners: 0
Main location, Rohrdamm 88

Fee Zimmermann, WvSC

Project management

Lutz Schneider, T-Systems

Coordination T-Systems

Insights into our work


Here we document important milestones from the project. Current news, special publications or appearances at trade fairs and congresses are made visible here.




Whitepaper published

The team has published the results of the 5G Autonomous Transport Logistics project in a white paper.




Whitepaper published

The team has published the results of the 5G Autonomous Transport Logistics project in a white paper.


The project in pictures

5G campus network at the WvSC

About the project

What it is about

As part of the 5G Autonomous Logistics project, a private 5G campus network will be installed at the WvSC and used as a research environment.

The mass of data and its transmission time are central factors in the industrial and digital transformation of society. In order to guarantee the optimal functionality of applications, the 5G network should provide the data transmission rate for applications in real time. In this context, edge clouds are to be used to store and analyse the increasing amount of data more quickly. These interrelationships will be investigated using use cases from logistics.


Aims of the research project

The research project 5G Autonomous Logistics pursues the goal of researching autonomous transport in an industrial environment with real-time transmission and thereby optimising industrial processes. The results of the research should be transferable to other areas of application.


The rapid development of digitalisation poses new challenges for industry and society. To make the best use of new technologies in the digital domain, such as IoT of machines, augmented reality and smart devices, a highly efficient network is needed. With 5G technology, these applications can be run in real time, setting a new benchmark for industry. But 5G technology will also become increasingly important in everyday life in connection with smart cities and in the mobility transformation. With the 5G-based autonomous logistics project, we are implementing a first project in our 5G campus network; further projects exploring the above-described interrelationships in the industrial environment are being planned.

The Team

Partner 5G Autonome Logistik

In the 5G Autonomous Logistics project, a 5G campus network was set up at the Werner-von-Siemens Centre for Industry and Science e.V..

The project was funded by the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Operations. T-Systems International GmbH won the public tender to set up the campus network and implement the research work at the WvSC and acted as the WvSC’s partner in this project after the award.

The 5G Autonomous Logistics project was funded by the Berlin Senate Department of Economics, Energy and Operations.