High-Temperature Application

Research Project Change in production technology


Section through an industrial gas turbine

What it is about

High-temperature applications involves the development and manufacture of components that come into contact with the hot gas jet in highly efficient gas turbine power plants, which reaches temperatures well in excess of 1000 degrees Celsius. In order to guarantee their function and service life, innovative cooling concepts are implemented by means of additive manufacturing, which are not technically feasible with conventional manufacturing processes.

Goals of the research project

The research project aims to improve additive manufacturing processes in order to produce new designs for highly efficient components. A further goal is to qualify more efficient materials for use in additive manufacturing.


The research project “Hightemperature Applications” has a strong focus on decarbonisation as a contribution against climate change. Here, both additive manufacturing processes and additively manufactured components can make a major contribution to making central energy supply more sustainable. The use of alternative fuels in gas turbines, green hydrogen or biogas, is only possible with components that have completely new properties and cannot be produced using conventional manufacturing methods. Here, additive manufacturing offers the freedom of design that is needed for this. In addition, additive manufacturing processes and the targeted use of materials with outstanding thermomechanical properties can improve high-temperature components in such a way that the efficiency of gas turbine power plants is significantly increased, thereby reducing CO2 emissions.

High-Temperature Application  • Research Project Change in production technology
Project launch: July 2020 • Funding amount: 9,2 Mio. € • Number of partners: 8 • Satellite Huttenstraße

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    The gas jet in a gas turbine can reach temperatures well over 1000 degrees Celsius.
  • hta-material
    Materials with outstanding thermomechanical properties can significantly increase the efficiency of gas turbines.
  • hta-additive-fertigung
    Additive manufacturing should make it possible to produce components with new properties to enable gas turbines to run on green hydrogen or biogas.
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    Together we can achieve even more: with additive manufacturing and new materials, we are making a major contribution to production technology change.

Partner High-Temperature Application

Partner High-Temperature Application

This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).