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Siemensstadt Square

With Siemensstadt Square, Siemens, together with the city of Berlin and the district of Spandau, is developing an open district of the future, which combines work, research and life. The WvSC is an actor and designer in Siemensstadt Square.



Research at the open heart of production

WvSC and Siemensstadt

Innovation in the ecosystem

The Werner-von-Siemens Centre is a key shaper of the emerging ecosystem in Siemensstadt Square. In the immediate vicinity of Siemens AG’s production facilities, research projects and educational opportunities are being created that actively accompany the transformation of work. With its own laboratory and co-working spaces, the WvSC forms a focal point in Siemensstadt for researchers and innovation drivers from industry, start-ups and SMEs. Planned technologies and solutions for Siemensstadt can be researched and tested at the WvSC before they are implemented.

Digital twin

Urban planning of the future

Where Siemensstadt originated in 1897, the closed industrial area is becoming an open and lively part of Berlin. By 2030, people will research, work, live and reside on the more than 70-hectare site. The new urban quarter will be digital, sustainable and energy-efficient. A place of encounter and exchange that brings together business, society, tradition and the future.

The Siemensstadt Square team is bringing together the planning and technologies that will be used in the new Siemensstadt in a Digital Twin. The Digital Twin allows visitors to experience today how the district will develop in the future.

from the Siemensstadt

Latest News

Here we report on joint projects and activities with the Siemensstadt Square team.

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