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About us

The Werner-von-Siemens Centre for Industry and Science e.V. (WvSC) is an industry and science campus located in Berlin’s future-oriented Siemensstadt Square.

Our Network

Our Network

Research in the real lab

Who we are

We shape the collaboration between science, industry, SMEs and start-ups in a new and practical way. This succeeds because the WvSC is represented in Berlin at locations close to production, enabling close exchange between science and practice.

Our goal at the WvSC is to enable transformative research and thus actively shape change in industry and society through social and technological innovation.

We see ourselves as a real laboratory that produces not only first-class research results in future-relevant technologies, but also social innovation in the thematic fields of “Education” and “Design of Collaboration (New Work)”.

The "WvSC House"

What we do


Future topics

Our future topics are determined by the theme of change. Strengthening the ability of organizations to change and the networking of actors on these topics as well as the interdisciplinary discussion of content is our decisive contribution to the transformation for Berlin and Germany as a business location.

Cross-project exchange

Technology fields

Our R&D activities focus on four technology fields. We promote cross-sectional exchange in the technology fields across the individual projects. Therefore, there is a cross-sectional contact person for each technology field.

You can get a deeper insight into our research activities through our publications. Use the topic filter to find publications on a specific technology field.

Digitization / Connectivity

The development, production and use of industrial goods and services is increasingly digitized. At the WVSC, we are initially focusing on the cross-cutting topics of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning and Digital Twins. In doing so, the work follows the overarching goal of end-to-end, targeted and intelligent information and process provision.

Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is a great opportunity for industrial production. Reduction of raw material usage, flexibility and cost savings due to low inventory are possible advantages. Therefore, we deal with diverse topics around additive manufacturing: AM-compatible product design, development of AM machines and process monitoring for integrated quality assurance during manufacturing.

New materials

The materials available for additive manufacturing are currently still very limited. The relationship between the materials and the manufacturing process is often unclear. Therefore, this topic is a focus at the Werner-von-Siemens Centre: We research and develop new materials for additive production and test their suitability for the corresponding applications.


The topic of sustainability is also of growing importance in our projects. For example, we deal with generative design solutions that save material and can only be built with the help of additive manufacturing or with the optimization of material use in the context of Circular Economy.

New work

How we work

One of WvSC’s goals is to encourage and establish the use of new forms of work across organizations. In this way, we want to enable decentralized, self-organized and agile ways of working that adapt quickly and continuously to external circumstances. In this context, our premises and the design of our workshop rooms also play a significant role in enabling the application of methods such as design thinking, combined with rapid prototyping and meeting at eye level.


The staff members of the WvSC office support the members in the development of new research and training ideas by designing and moderating innovative workshop formats as well as supporting targeted content-related networking.

As an office, we are pioneering the development of real, virtual, and hybrid facilitation, event, and workshop concepts at this point that allow our members to actively experience new formats of collaboration, which they can then take back to their own organizations.

In the COVID-19 period, the WvSC has shown how an innovation ecosystem at eye level with all partners can also work in a virtually stable and purpose-driven sustainable way. The goal is to further perpetuate the resulting ecosystem through a combination of analog and virtual events.

The WvSC has created a virtual working environment for ongoing research projects and for the initiation of research projects, in which projects can collaborate digitally synchronously and asynchronously. Of particular note here is our Office365 instance, which we have been using since January 2021 to collaborate on project outlines and enable project teams to exchange ideas. For the design of virtual workshops, we use the video conferencing platform of MS Teams supplemented by the virtual whiteboard solution Miro.


Emergence of the WvSC

The Werner-von-Siemens Centre for Industry and Science e.V. (WvSC) was founded in 2019 as a non-profit association initially under the name IWCB (Industry and Science Campus Berlin). The purpose of the association is the promotion of science and research as well as the promotion of education.

In the subject areas explained above, the association has the following goals:


“The association aims to promote the pre-competitive exchange of knowledge between science, research and industry. In particular, the association aims to inform the general public about socio-industrial challenges and their possible solutions by processing and consolidating scientific findings and technological developments. Through information events, workshops and publications, the general public shall gain knowledge and the broad scientific and socio-political discourse for the real implementation of solutions to socio-industrial challenges in the German economy shall be supported.”


The activities of the WvSC are coordinated by its office, which has its office space in Siemensstadt Square. The association also operates several co-working and laboratory spaces for the implementation of research projects.

An MoU between the State of Berlin and the founding members of the WvSC (Siemens AG, TU Berlin, BAM and Fraunhofer Gesellschaft) secured funding and laid the foundation for the association’s three original research projects (ProFIT EA, HTA and MRO).

A pipeline of new projects, project proposals and project ideas was built on the foundation of the collective knowledge created by the participating organizations. In 2021, BioFusion 4.0, the first federally funded project, was launched at WvSC.

In the picture from left to right: First row: Michael Müller, mayor of Berlin; Cedrik Neike, Member of the Board of Management Siemens AG; Second row: Ramona Popp, senator for economy, energy and operations, Joe Kaeser, CEO Siemens AG

Image source: Siemens AG press release, October 2018

Since its founding, the number of member organizations in the WvSC has grown steadily. Beyond the founding members, research institutions (e.g. Physikalisch Technische Bundesantalt PTB), industry (e.g. T-Systems) as well as various small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups have been added.

In addition to its research activities, the Education WG has developed formats to ensure the future viability of its member companies and their employees. With topics such as “Technology Ethics” and “NewWork in the Factory”, the WG takes into account the technology and production-related focus of the WvSC.

Your contact persons in the association

Business office

Erik Wiegard

Chief Executive Officer


Raphael Hell

Chief Financial Officer

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Kathrin Bischoff

Head of R&D

#strategy #projectideas #technology #network

Vinia Gräbert

Financial Accountant

#finance #controlling #accounting 

Charlotte Ohmann

Communication manager

#communication #website #branding #socialmedia 

Nadine Strehlke

Head of education

#education #infrastructure #events

Luzie Lerche

Working student

#r&d #processautomation #communication 

Peter Höhmann

Project Management

#r&d #campusdyna

Nick Harder

Working student


Henrik von Siemens

Project Management

#r&d #werk4.0

Benjamin Blatz

Head of Infrastructure


Daniel Potenes

Working student


Nadine Ebrahimi

Project Management

#education #evoframe

Heike Kühn

Project Management

#r&d #5gcompass

Anna-Caterina Walk

Agile Coach

#werk4.0 #agile

Christoph Dähn

Operator manufacturing and laboratory space


Kolja Pietsch

Learning & Development Specialist

#werk4.0 #education

Winnona Lüdemann

Management Assistant

Alireza Ranjbar

IT Management

Christin Rohde

Project Assistant R&D


Board of directors

Board of directors

Dr. Jens Dietrich

Chairman of the board

Siemens Energy

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Panne

Writing guidance


Thomas Staufenbiel


Gestalt Robotics

Prof. Dr. Dietmar Göhlich

Board of directors

TU Berlin

Dr. Gunter Beitinger

Board of directors

Siemens AG

Dr. Karsten Jänsch

Board of directors

Datalyze Solutions

Dr. Andreas Böhm

Board of directors

T-Systems International

Advisory support

Advisory Board

Dr. Horst Kümmlee

Advisory Board Chair

Olaf Bolduan

Vice Chair of the Advisory Board

Christiane Weiß

Advisory Board

Dr. Christian Hinke

Advisory Board

Wilhelm Kirchner

Advisory Board

Roland Sillmann

Advisory Board

Dr. Michael Suhr

Advisory Board