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Communication training for STEM people and all brainpowered people

Talk, negotiate and present better – in a short time and in a pleasant atmosphere. Promised!

The educational offer

What is it about?

Our educational offering, “Communication Training for STEM Students and brainpowered People,” helps you improve your communication, presentation, and negotiation skills.


Goal & Target Group

Speak, negotiate and present, but also improve our communication in the team, with bosses and customers – with little effort, in a short time and in a pleasant atmosphere. Promised!

The trainings take place in German. Special features for presentations in English and for international appearances are covered.


The Process

The contents are usually taught in training units of 2.5 hours. We offer a total of six modules, each of which is adapted to your needs, can be booked individually and can be combined. There are face-to-face and online modules. The face-to-face sessions can be held at the WvSC or at your location.


Your training team

Together with Nadine Strehlke, communication trainer Steffen Höllein conducts the trainings. Steffen Höllein is a qualified trainer and specializes in technical, logical thinking and reserved people. He is known for an uncomplicated, direct and personal manner and has gained a lot of experience with trainings and coachings at Siemens, P&G or the airport BER. He is also a member of the WvSC with his communication company “Berlin Realities”.


Steffen Höllein (far left) training in augmented realities at WvSC.


Nadine Strehlke leads the education department at WvSC. She plans, facilitates and invents trainings and educational offerings and is committed to hands-on, enjoyable and contemporary learning.

Nadine Strehlke (in the center)

Overview of the training sessions


Fundamentals of Verbal Communication and Rhetoric

Learn the history, background and basis of successful communication; understand and practice the importance of the relationship aspect of communication; initial speech and language training, practical examples; understand authenticity and roles.


 Using stage fright, improvising, performing

Consolidation of content; practical exercises; introducing people and topics, appearing in front of the camera, dealing with technology; using facial expressions and gestures, giving interviews, and participating in talk show rounds, being able to enjoy the nice mixture of excitement and boredom.


Understanding people, working in a team

Communication models in practice: iceberg model and character models, ego development; transactional analysis; 4 sides of a message, Nonviolent Communication (NVC); I’m OK, you’re OK!


Moderate, present, negotiate

First impressions matter, last impressions last; Creating manuscripts; Use the Power of Power-Point; Negotiation and argumentation techniques.


Videocall, Videoconferencing

How to videocall; understand, optimize and safely use technology and features; use facial expressions and gestures in videoconferencing – this training is scheduled online.


Speaker 1.0

Review and apply what you have learned so far; be a professional – natural and authentic, show your charisma; storytelling is ok, being enthusiastic yourself is better.

Who we are

Impulse generator

Our WvSC educational offers would not be possible without enthusiastic people who create the workshops for you with a lot of heart and humour.

May we introduce: our great impulse givers and workshop provider.

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